Botox & DermaFILL


 Botox & DermaFILL in Colorado Springs

When treated with Botox or DermaFILL by a medical professional, it will temporarily get rid of wrinkles, add volume to facial features and even give you fuller curved lips. The effects of these treatments last 3 to 6 months so it is important that you repeat the process several times a year to continue to look your best.

We professionally administer both Botox and DermaFill in our office right here in Colorado Springs. Not only will you be looking radiant when finished, you will be under the supervision of a medical professional. Best of all, several times a year we offer Botox/ DermaFILL parties with specials offering you additional savings on our already competitive pricing.


Did you know?

That in addition to making you look amazing, Botox & DermaFILL also have medical benefits? They have successfully been used to treat migraines and many other health issues for years!


For more information on our Botox/ DermaFill services and our next party, please contact us at the number below!